Writing Worshop /Spanish Only

Taller de escritura: Escribir antes de Escribir.

¿Cómo se construye un proyecto creativo?

¿Cómo se asciende, o se desciende, al lugar en que comenzamos a escribir una novela?

Voy a dar este taller en el espacio virtual de Casa Tomada.


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The Seventh Wave Rhinebeck Residency, 2018.

Female while in Mexico

“I’m a writer based in Mexico City. I write in Spanish and in English; the language I choose to write a story in, is to me, as important a decision as are narrator, tone, or even plot. The driving force behind my current work is motherhood in the midst of a failing country. I’m working around a topic I call ‘Female while in Mexico’ that reflects on the dangers of being a woman in a country that has one of the highest rates of femicide in the world, and being a mother of a girl in such an environment. I’ve written and published a novel on the specific topic of gender violence in Mexico, but I find that I still have a lot to explore on the issue of motherhood in a war ridden country, what female writers can do to educate girls on this emergency situation, and the role that power plays in the slaying of our girls.”

MAI Journal is out!

MAI, feminism and visual culture. A non-hierarchical journal open to multivalent feminist expression, research and critique of visual culture.

In The Funambulist, Paulette Jonguitud articulates the struggle to continue feminist practice in art, and in life, in this fabular tale of women’s existence during wartime.

Read here.

Foto: Daniel Villa. El País.




Pablo Ferri escribe en El País sobre Algunas margaritas y sus fantasmas.

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