Paulette Jonguitud ha publicado dos novelas, Moho, editada en México en 2010 por FETA/CONACULTA  y El Loco del Martinete, novela para niños editada en España en 2012 por Grupo Edebé y en México en 2014. Actualmente trabaja en su tercera novela. Novedades: en Junio de 2015 saldrá la edición británica de Moho; Mildew, traducida por la autora y editada por Charles Boyle de CB editions .

Paulette Jonguitud has  written two novels, Moho, published in 2010 by FETA/CONACULTA and El Loco del Martinete, a novel for young children published in Spain by Grupo Edebé in 2012, and in Mexico in 2014. She is currently at work on her third novel. News: The UK edition of Mildew is set to come out on June, 2015, translated from the Spanish by the author and published by Charles Boyle, CB editions.


JUNIO, 2015                   JUNE, 2015

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‘This extraordinary tale of sex and death … Mildew, by a gifted new Latin American writer, has weight, yet is told with a lightness Calvino would have admired’ – Beverley  Bie Brahic.

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